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The HUPLA project aims to develop advanced platforms for the preclinical evaluation of pharmaceuticals targeting two of the most common autoimmune diseases: the neurodegenerative pathology of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Psoriasis. Based on research advances and current trends and directions in the pharmaceutical industry, the therapeutic targets selected for the development of these advanced platforms belong to the pathological axis defined by the coordinated actions of the IL17 and IL23 cytokines.
Therefore, in the frame of HUPLA, partners will develop humanized IL17 and IL23 mouse models that will be used as the basis for the development of preclinical platforms for the evaluation of therapeutics targeting MS and psoriasis. In parallel, the pathogenic role of HuR in the development of these pathologies will be studied in depth using a transgenic mouse model overexpressing HuR and based on this model and the acquired knowledge, an additional novel preclinical evaluation platform will be also developed allowing the efficacy evaluation of next generation therapeutics. 

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